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16/01/2015 News

TOTAL launches the Mobile Payment era in Turkey!

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launch the “TOTAL Mobil Ödeme” era in Turkey

without leaving your car!



TOTAL, in collaboration with BKM Express, launches a first in Turkey with its “Mobile Payment” app. All you need to do to benefit from easy, fast and secure payment without leaving the car is to subscribe to the BKM Express digital wallet, become a Club Total member and download the TOTAL Mobile Application to your smartphone.



Total, in collaboration with BKM Express, introduces another first in Turkey with a payment platform that enables easy, fast and secure payment from smartphones. Now TOTAL, in collaboration with BKM Express, launches the “Mobile Payment” system in TOTAL petrol stations that will allow customers to pay without having to leave their cars. To benefit from this collaboration and make the payment without leaving the car all you have to do is to subscribe to the BKM Express digital wallet, get the free Club Total card and download TOTAL’s smartphone app.




By teaming up, BKM Express and TOTAL will enable automatic recognition of Club Total and BKM Express members’ pre-registered number plates when they arrive at participating TOTAL service stations to buy fuel.

With this app, when customers fill their tanks they will receive a message on their phones informing them that they can pay using the “Mobile Payment” option. If they decide to use this option, the TOTAL mobile app will direct them to BKM Express for the payment transaction. At this stage customers can choose one of their registered debit or credit cards and complete the payment securely. The app enables the customers to pay for their fuel in a short time ‘without leaving the car’. For security reasons, mobile devices can only be used inside the vehicle for the mobile payment system.






The Mobile Payment app introduced for the first time in Turkey with the collaboration of BKM Express and TOTAL also offers numerous advantages. As well as being able to choose any card registered in the system, users of the BKM Express digital wallet can also benefit from their banks' deals and offers. The TOTAL Mobile Application is currently available to Android users and will also be available to users of iOS and other phones soon.


Antoine Tournand, Managing Director of TOTAL Oil Turkey, said: ‘With TOTAL Mobil Ödeme we are introducing a first in the fuel industry in terms of digital innovation.

TOTAL Mobil Odeme allows you to pay online, without leaving your car. Whatever your bank, whatever your phone operator, the only thing you have to do is register and download the TOTAL and BKM Express apps, which are free. Since everything takes place within the TOTAL or BKM Express environment, you are ensured of the highest level of transaction security. Through this partnership with BKM we are achieving a worldwide first within the TOTAL group and a technological breakthrough that puts TOTAL in the first ranks of m payment players in the world.

By the end of 2014 the system will be enabled in all our Istanbul stations and then throughout the country.’





Dr. Soner Canko, CEO of BKM (Interbank Card Center) said that BKM Express offers the possibility of shopping anywhere, anytime and continues to introduce innovations that will make users’ lives easier. He continued: “The BKM Express digital wallet that we introduced two years ago continues to grow strongly. We currently have over 650 merchants and some 350,000 users, and we work with 16 banks to make card users’ shopping easier. With the BKM Express Mobile App we have already given our users the option to send money at any time of the day. With the launch of the ‘Mobile Payment’ app in collaboration with TOTAL we are also moving into face-to-face transactions, which are very important to us. We will continue to offer BKM Express users similar collaborations in the near future.”