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Committed to better energy: a way of life!

Özgün has supported lots of innovative projects within the Total Group since 1998, and having worked in Turkey is now working on sustainable energy sources in Africa and the Middle East.

Can you give us a little information on your background ?

I was born in İstanbul in 1976. I graduated from Istanbul Technical University in Management Engineering. I am married with 2 children. I have been working at Total since 1998. I worked in Turkey between 1998-2007, in France between 2008-2014 and have taken new responsibilities in South Africa beginning from 2015. 

How did your Total adventure evolve, which projects did you implement?

During my first 10 years I worked in various departments from Marketing to Budget. While I was working on supply management I was offered a position in France. After working in supply operations in North and West Africa for 4 years I moved on to the Distribution Department. Today I am in South Africa; my team and I give commercial, strategic and technical support to Total affiliates in approximately 40 countries in Africa and the Middle East. 

What do you enjoy about working at Total?

Total is a company which believes in diversity in human resources; here specialists from different nationalities and different cultures come together and work in a creative and open-minded environment. This is a very big opportunity, meeting new people hearing their points of view is very exciting for me. We get the chance to discover something new every day and to keep up with the latest technologies.

What are the 3 values that define Total for you?

1. Health, Safety and Environment; Safety of employees and their health is our priority. For us the biggest value is the value we give to people and the environment. 2. Total Attitude; Listening, Mutual Support, Cross functionality and Boldness. These enable us to create efficient projects. 3. Ethical values; this is an area where we never compromise. 

What do you think of Total’s committment to better energy?

All the values I mentioned before create the foundation of our committment to better energy. Right now, Total Group is the world’s second-largest solar energy player after acquiring Sunpower. We are making serious investments in sustainable energy sources. For us being committed to better energy is not just a motto, it’s a way of life.

Default description.

“This is a very big opportunity, meeting new people and hearing their points of view is very exciting for me. We get the chance to discover something new every day and to keep up with the latest technologies.”



Training and experience:

Graduated from Istanbul Technıcal University in Management Engineering. Joined the Total Group in 1998.


Working at TOTAL:

What is exciting for her is to be in communication with different cultures and to keep improving herself.


Her support of Energy:

One of her targets is to focus more on the sustainable energy sources of the future.