As a global energy company, Total maintains its existence in Turkey through different sectors like lubricants, chemicals, natural gas, international transport supply and petrochemicals. With this global vision, Total operates in Turkey under the companies summarized below.


Total Turkey Pazarlama A.Ş. is a lubricants company with strong nationwide logistics capabilities that is committed to sustainably and responsibly offeringTurkish consumers, Premium products and services through dynamic, innovative marketing. With more than 15 years of experience in Turkish Lubricants Market, Total Turkey Pazarlama succeeded to become one of the pioneers in the country with consistent growth and as a result of 11% marketshare in this though competition environment. Especially for the most presticious Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) segment, the TOTAL and ELF brands have more than 20% marketshare and have an important position in the market.


Turkey is one of the most important market in its territory not only with 50 billion m3 of Natural Gas consumption, but also with the critical and strategic positioning due to its location to huge natural gas reserves. Despite being the owner of the fast growing petroleum and natural gas market, Turkey is an emergent energy corridor between Hazar Region, Middle East and Europe. Under this circumstances, as TOTAL, we are continuing to develop short and long term natural gas supply solutions. As an example, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is still supplied to Turkey from Nigeria LNG Project. Regarding the crude oil transportation business from Hazar Region over Turkey, TOTAL is the partner of Baku-Tiflis-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline project with 5% shares.


AS 24

AS 24, a Total Group subsidiary, has specialized in supplying fuel to haulage contractors for more than 20 years. With its network of HGV-dedicated stations and its desire to facilitate the business of haulage contractors on a day-to-day basis, AS 24 has rapidly established itself as one of the main European suppliers of diesel on the roads. More than a supplier, AS 24 is a genuine partner of road haulage professionals and a major player in terms of offers, banking above all on innovation.




TOTAL Petrochemicals Turkey Branch Office is involved in supply of polymers which include polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene in Turkey.  The company is a market leader in numerous products used in a wide range of fields such as construction, packaging, consumer products, hygiene and cosmetics, automotive, textile, pipes, adhesives and medical. TOTAL Petrochemicals is equipped with the latest technology and is considered to be among the most innovative in its field, and an integral part of one of the largest and most efficient polyethylene,  polystyrene and polypropylene producers in Europe.

Key Figures

  • 1992
    Total founded in Turkey
  • 50.000
    A blending plant with 50.000 tons/year production
  • %11
    Total Turkey's Lubricant Market Share
  • 10.000
    Number of sales point of Total Lubricants*

*in december 2015

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