26/02/2015 - News

Total was awarded with the ‘Respect to Human’ Award for the 5th consecutive time

Respect to Human

Total Oil Turkey was awarded by Kariyer.Net with the ‘Respect to Human’ Award for its works in the Oil and Oil Products sector in 2014.

The ‘Respect to Human’ Awards are organized every year and is aimed to put forward the successful projects in the HR sector and to encourage the continuation of such projects. This award is given to companies which receive more than 10.000 applications and which reply to more than 99% of these applications in 21 work days.
Total Oil Turkey has been one of the award winners at the 14th Respect To Human Awards organization with the importance it gave to HR projects in the oil and oil products sector and its application reply rate. The awards were given on February 11th 2015, in the context of the Human Resources Summit 2015. 
In order to let people seeking jobs know the importance given by Total regarding answering job applications, from now Total Oil Turkey’s job ads on Kariyer.Net will be published with the Respect to Human Award badge.